Rigid – Combo

  • Rigid Series Combo PL-707RMC-S

    Rigid Series Running Man Combo is constructed from 20 gauge steel housing and light weight thermal plastic head in matching color. It is presented a simple and modern design with high efficiency LED remote heads. It comes with white baked powder coat finish. The self-powered version of this model comes with an external LED status indicator and test switch. Single, double or universal face versions must be specified. The back plate is stamped with universal mounting pattern.

    Rigid Series Running Man Combo is configured with high-output LEDs and uses only 3W nominal power.(3.2W for 120VAC, 3.3W for 277VAC and 3.6W for 347VAC)

    Rigid Series Running Man Combo is designed with a maintenance free, 6V sealed lead-acid battery providing emergency lighting duration of minimum 90 minutes (1.5 hrs). Recharge time of the battery is twenty (20) hours. The maximum battery operating temperature is +40°C and the minimum is +10°C.



      Damp locations