Pilot Combo-S

  • Pilot Series PL-707RMC-AS

    Pilot Series Running Man Combo is constructed from durable corrosion and flame resistant thermoplastic ABS. It comes with super bright LED, the total power rate is 4W. Universal mounting canopy, specified pictogram, one back plate and all mounting hardware and installation instructions are included. The lifespan of LED is more than 50,000 hours. Battery recharge time is 24 hours.

    Pilot Series Running Man Combo is configured with high-output LED lamps and supplied standard with 120/347VAC input. PL-707RM-COMPO-ABS-S uses only 3W nominal power. 120/347VAC input, maintenance free, sealed nickel-cadmium batteries are protected by an electronic cut-off circuit that prevents over discharge. External test switch and LED monitor are standard. High-output LED technology provides energy savings, long life and even illumination levels.

    Pilot Series Running Man Combo is designed with a maintenance free, sealed nickel-cadmium battery providing a minimum emergency duration of 90 minutes. Recharge time of the battery is twenty-four (24) hours.



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